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Logistics Services
Logistics Portal
Expand your shipping and fulfillment capabilities with a world-class 3PL network of distribution centers, global carriers, and customized multichannel solutions.
Global Selling
Gain access to new market opportunities with streamlined cross-border selling programs and a full range of marketing and fulfillment tools. .
Newegg Express
Reach customers with next-day and same-day delivery and fulfillment services for small-parcel shipments to commercial and residential locations.
Newegg Staffing
Onboard highly qualified, vetted candidates for front-line support personnel or fill the professional roles your company needs, whether permanent, seasonal, or temporary.
Pure Facility Solutions
Consolidate janitorial, facilities services, and security contracts under one roof to achieve a healthy, safe corporate, industrial, or residential environment.
Newegg Bridge
Transcend traditional contact center expectations with bespoke value-based solutions backed by a dynamic team of experts.
Alter Media
Command attention with original commercial and editorial creative that engages your audience across any channel.
Seller Service
Seller Portal
Monitor and manage business activities connected to selling on our global marketplace from one convenient centralized platform.
Ship by Newegg
Pick, pack and ship products and goods across the U.S. and Canada using a world-class logistics network with fully integrated multichannel fulfilment capabilities.
Advertising Service
Drive revenue and conversions with data-driven performance marketing campaigns that position your products front-and-center in relevant onsite search results.
Marketing Service
Gain traction with customized marketing programs designed for both onsite and offsite engagement with your brand.
Crowd Sourcing
Obtain services from Newegg employees with reasonable cost.
Business Intelligence
Dive into analytics culled from our databases to make informed decisions about the best way to invest your resources.
Vendor Services
Vendor Portal
List your products for market using a sophisticated online management system designed for manufacturers, distributors and dropship vendors.
ENIAC Portal
Access a world-class PC assembly service geared toward large scale delivery at custom specifications with laser engraving and 3D printing capability.
Tech Services
API Gateway
Design, build, and deploy secure APIs at any scale with a fully managed service for DevOps and integration personnel.
Short URL
Track and analyze clicks with a feature-rich URL shortening application designed specifically for ecommerce.
Common Services
EDI Service
Create and manage a seamless, secure exchange of electronic transactional documents tailored for business compliance and cost savings.
Integration Hub
Monitor the entire scope of ecommerce in one centralized cloud-based dashboard: manage catalogs, track business intelligence, sponsored ads, and more.
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