Newegg Enterprise Messaging

Newegg Enterprise Messaging is a fully managed, powerful message

queue service that provides reliable asynchronous communication for

creating loosely coupled, scalable applications. It provides standard,

ordered queues, and push / pull delivery modes, and supports HTTP REST

APIs and TCP protocol.

Manage messages new

Easy to use

You can send and receive messages by REST API, and it provides a web console to manage your queues and subscribers.

Message subscription management

You can configure flexible receiving rules for subscribers on the mq web console, such as filter, automatic retry, delay,speed control of pushing.

Message monitor

We provide real-time charts to present message statistics,query and monitor.

MQ Management

Add, view and categorize your messages. In addition, you can manage your subscribers.


View real-time report of your messages, such as send total, send failed, push total and push failed, etc.


Search and view the message report for a certain period of time.

Message Search

Query all messages that meets specific conditions.

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Do you want to improve the robustness and availability of your applications? Your question, Newegg Enterprise Messaging has answer.